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This is the abstract base class for measures like MeasureClassif and MeasureRegr.

Measures are classes around tailored around two functions:

  1. A function score which quantifies the performance by comparing true and predicted response.

  2. A function aggregator which combines multiple performance scores returned by calculate to a single numeric value.

In addition to these two functions, meta-information about the performance measure is stored.

Predefined measures are stored in the mlr3misc::Dictionary mlr_measures, e.g. classif.auc or time_train. A guide on how to extend mlr3 with custom measures can be found in the mlr3book.


R6::R6Class object.


Note: This object is typically constructed via a derived classes, e.g. MeasureClassif or MeasureRegr.

m = Measure$new(id, task_type = NA, range = c(-Inf, Inf), minimize = NA, aggregator = NULL, properties = character(), predict_type = "response", predict_sets = "test",
     task_properties = character(), packages = character())


All variables passed to the constructor.


See Also

Other Measure: MeasureClassif, MeasureRegr, mlr_measures

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