Man pages for montilab/iEDGE
integrative analysis of (epi-)DNA and gene expression data

calc_sobelPerforms sobel test of mediation
construct_iEDGEConstruct iEDGE input object
iEDGE_DEiEDGE_DE performs differential expression analysis and...
iEDGE_UIiEDGE_UI makes the user interface for iEDGE reports
make_GISTIC2make_GISTIC2 preprocess GISTIC2 data
make_GISTIC2_focalmake_GISTIC2 preprocess GISTIC2 data
read_gmt'read_gmt' read from gmt file
run_hyperEnrichment'run_hyperEnrichment' performs hyperenrichment test from...
run_hyperEnrichment_wrapper'run_hyperEnrichment_wrapper' wrapper for run_hyperEnrichment
run_iEDGEMain wrapper for iEDGE, assumes input data is constructed by...
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