Man pages for moreno-betancur/survtd
Survival analysis with time-dependent covariates

combMIPool estimes from multiple imputed datasets
cumhAddCumulative hazard for additive model with Weibull baseline.
cumhCoxCumulative hazard for Cox model with Weibull baseline.
evMIDerive modified event indicator for imputation
locfApply last observation carried forward to long-format dataset
mice2Function for multiple imputation by chained equations...
mice.impute.lmmDraw imputations from a linear mixed model
sampler2Internal function for multiple imputation by chained...
simjmSimulate data from a joint model of multiple continuous...
simjm_benchmarkBenchmark "True" analysis of data simulated by 'simjm'...
summ.aalenSummary method for semi-parametric additive model fitted with...
summ.coxSummary method for Cox model fitted with coxph function
summ.survtdSummarise results from MICEa and MICEb methods
survtdFit survival hazard models with time-dependent covariates
tdIdentifies time-dependent covariates in the model
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