Man pages for moviedo5/fda.tsc
Functional Data Sets for Time Series Classification

AdiacThe automatic diatoms identification.
ArrowHeadProjectile Point
BeefProjectile Point
BeetleFlyBeetle/Fly shape classification
BirdChickenBir/Chicken shape classification
CBFCylinder-Bell-Funnel (CBF) data set
ChlorineConcentrationChlorine concentration data set
CinCECGtorsoChlorine concentration data set
CoffeeCoffee data set
ComputersComputers data set
DiatomSizeReductionDiatom size reduction data set
ECG200ECG 200 dataset
ECG5000ECG 5000 dataset
ElectricDevicesElectric Devices data set
FaceAllFace data set
InsectWingbeatSoundTSCFlying Insect Classification with Inexpensive Sensors
SmallKitchenAppliancesSmall Kitchen Appliances
StrawberryStrawberry dataset
swedish-leafSwedish leaf is a set of leaf outlines
WaferWafer data set
WormsWorms data set
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