Man pages for mpascariu/MortalityForecast
Standard Tools to Compare and Evaluate Various Mortality Forecasting Methods

AorBIF 'a' is not NULL choose 'a' else take 'b'
arima.string1Identify ARIMA model - internal function
build.scenariosBuild Scenarios for do.BBackTesting function
change_model_factor_levelsChange factor levels in order to get nice legends in ggplots
computeAccuracyGet Measures of Forecast Accuracy
computeRobustnessCompute robustness measures
convertCMConvert Central Moments to Raw or Normalized moments
convert.momentsConvert Statistical Moments
convertNMConvert Normalized Moments to Central or Raw moments
convertRMConvert Raw Moments to Central or Normalized moments
do.BackTestingPerform Out-of-Sample Testing of Mortality Forecasts Over One...
do.BBackTestingPerform Out-of-Sample Testing of Mortality Forecasts Over...
do.MortalityForecastsPerform Multiple Forecast of Mortality Using Various Models
do.MortalityModelsFit Multiple Stochastic Mortality Models
do.RankingRank models based on the accuracy or robustness results
evalAccuracyGeneric for Computing Accuracy Measure from the 'BackTesting'...
evalAccuracy.BackTestingGet Accuracy Measures from 'BackTesting'
evalAccuracy.BBackTestingGet Accuracy Measures from a 'BBackTesting' object
evalRobustnessGeneric for evaluating the robustness of the mortality models...
evalRobustness.BBackTestingEvaluating the Robustness of the Forecasting Mortality Models
find_ages_and_yearsFind age and year vectors
find_arimaFind ARIMA order of a time series
find.densityEstimate density function based on Maximum Entropy method...
find.momentsCompute Statistical Moments
fitted2densPrepare data for ggplots in plot.MEM function
get_dx_values#' Get d[x] values and confidence intervals based on k[t]...
get.FittedGet Fitted Values
get.ForecastsGet Predicted Values
get_mx_valuesGet m[x] values and confidence intervals based on k[t]...
get.ObservedGet Observed Values
get.ResidualsGet Deviance Residuals
ggplotDistribConvergencePlot Convergence in Age at Death Distribution
head_tailSummary function - display head and tail in a single...
HMD_maleDATA - Demographic data for various population
LCLee-Carter Mortality Model as implemented in StMoMo package
model.HyndmanUllahThe Functional Demographic Model
model.LeeCarterThe Lee-Carter Mortality Model
model.LiLeeThe Li-Lee Mortality Model
model.MEMThe Maximum-Entropy Mortality Model
model.MRWThe Multivariate Random Walk Model
model.OeppenThe Oeppen Mortality Model (Oeppen - CoDa)
model.OeppenCThe Coherent Oeppen Mortality Model (Oeppen-C)
model.RenshawHabermanThe Renshaw-Haberman Mortality Model imported from StMoMo...
MortalityForecastMortalityForecast: Standard Tools to Compare and Evaluate...
MultHack gnm::Mult weird dependency The way this function is...
num_workersDetermine the number of cores to be used
Oeppen.input.checkValidate input values
PLATLee-Carter Mortality Model as implemented in StMoMo package
plot.BackTestingPlot method for objects of the class 'BackTesting'
plot.MEMPlot the Observed and Fitted Age-at-Death Distribution
plot.predict.MEMPlot the Predicted Age-at-Death Distribution
plot.predict.OeppenPlot the Predicted Age-at-Death Distribution
plot.residMFPlot the deviance residuals
predict.HyndmanUllahForecast age-specific death rates using the Hyndman-Ullah...
predict.LeeCarterForecast age-specific death rates using the Lee-Carter model.
predict.LiLeeForecast age-specific death rates using the Li-Lee model
predict.MEMForecast the age-at-death distribution using the...
predict.MRWForecast age-specific death rates using the a Multivariate...
predict.OeppenForecast the age-at-death distribution using the Oeppen...
predict.OeppenCForecast the age-at-death distribution using the Coherent...
predict.RenshawHabermanForecast age-specific death rates using the Renshaw-Haberman...
print_defaultPrint function for mortality objects
print.MortalityForecastsPrint function for do.MortalityForecasts
print.MortalityModelsPrint function for do.MortalityModels
replace.zerosReplace zero's in input matrix
residuals_defaultExtract Model Residuals
residuals.OeppenExtract Model Residuals
scatterplotAPCDo a scatter plot of a matrix according to age-period-cohorts
summary.get.ResidualsGeneric Summary
summary.OeppenGeneric Summary
whatsYourNameReturn the name of the object as.character
which_model_is_inDetermine which model is included in input
wide2longWide table to long table
wide.list.2.long.dfList containing wide tables to 1 long table
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