Man pages for ms609/ProfileParsimony
Phylogenetic Inference by Profile Parsimony

congreveLamsdellMatrices100 simulated data matrices
DFactDouble factorial
EvaluateEvaluate tree
ICPerStepInformation content per step
ICStepsInformation Content Steps
InfoAmountsAmount of information in each character
LDFactLog double factorial Handles odd and even inout numbers
LDFactorialLog double factorial
LogisticPointsLogistic Points Extract points from a fitted model
N1SprNumber of trees on SPR step away Formula given by Given by...
NamedConstantNamed constant
NRootedNumber of rooted/unrooted trees These functions return the...
PhyDatLoad phyDat object
PrepareDataProfilePrepare data for Profile Parsimony
ProfileParsimony-packagePhylogenetic Inference using Profile Parsimony
ProfileScoreProfile Parsimony Score
referenceTreeTree topology for matrix simulation
WithOneExtraStepNumber of trees with one extra step
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