Man pages for ms609/TreeDist
Distances Between Phylogenetic Trees

AllSplitPairingsVariation of information for all split pairings
CalculateTreeDistanceWrapper for tree distance calculations
ClusteringEntropyClustering entropy of all splits within a tree
CompareAllDistances between each pair of trees
dot-MASTSizeEdgesCalculate MAST size from edge matrices.
dot-PairMeanMean of two numbers
dot-TreeDistanceCalculate distance between trees, or lists of trees
EntropyEntropy in bits
GeneralizedRFGeneralized Robinson-Foulds distance
JaccardRobinsonFouldsJaccard-Robinson-Foulds metric
KendallColijnKendall-Colijn distance
LAPJVSolve linear assignment problem using LAPJV
MASTSizeMaximum Agreement Subtree size
MatchingSplitDistanceMatching Split Distance
median.multiPhyloMedian of a set of trees
MeilaVariationOfInformationUse variation of clustering information to compare pairs of...
NNIDistApproximate Nearest Neighbour Interchange distance
NormalizeInfoNormalize information against total present in both starting...
NyeSimilarityNye _et al_. (2006) tree comparison
PathDistPath distance
ReportMatchingList clades as text
Robinson-FouldsRobinson-Foulds distances, with adjustments for phylogenetic...
SplitEntropyEntropy of two splits
SplitsCompatibleAre splits compatible?
SplitSharedInformationShared information content of two splits
SplitwiseInfoInformation content of splits within a tree
SPRDistApproximate Subtree Prune and Regraft distance
TreeDistanceInformation-based generalized Robinson-Foulds distances
TreeDist-packageTreeDist: Distances between Phylogenetic Trees
TreeDistPlotPlot a simple tree
VisualizeMatchingVisualise a matching
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