Man pages for ms609/inapplicable
Inapplicable data in parsimony analysis

AsBinaryConvert a number to binary
InapplicableFitchCalculate parsimony score with inapplicable data
inapplicable-packageInapplicable data in parsimony analysis
LoadMorphyInitialize a Morphy Object from a phyDat object
MorphyDatPhyDat to MorphyDat
MorphyLengthCalculate parsimony score with inapplicable data
MorphyWeightsReport the character weightings associated with a Morphy...
mpl_apply_tipdataCommits parameters prior to nodal set calculations.
mpl_attach_rawdataAttach raw character state data (i.e. tip data).
mpl_attach_symbolsAttach a caller-specified list of symbols.
mpl_delete_MorphyDestroys an instance of a Morphy object.
mpl_delete_rawdataDeletes the caller-input data.
mpl_first_down_reconReconstructs the first (downpass) nodal reconstructions
mpl_first_up_reconReconstructs the second (uppass) nodal reconstructions.
mpl_get_charac_weightRetrieve the weight of a character in the dataset
mpl_get_num_characRetrieve the number of character (columns) in the dataset.
mpl_get_num_internal_nodesGets the number of internal nodal reconstruction sets being...
mpl_get_numtaxaRetrieve the number of taxa (rows) in the dataset.
mpl_get_symbolsRetrieves the current list of symbols.
mpl_init_MorphySets up the dimensions of the dataset.
mpl_new_MorphyCreates a new instance of a Morphy object
mpl_second_down_reconPerforms the second nodal reconstructions for characters with...
mpl_second_up_reconFinalises the ancestral state reconstructions for characters...
mpl_set_charac_weightSet the weight of a character in the dataset
mpl_set_num_internal_nodesSets the number of internal nodes in the dataset
mpl_set_parsim_tSets a character's parsimony function type
mpl_translate_errorConverts a numeric error code to human-readable format
mpl_update_lower_rootUpdates the nodal sets for a lower ('dummy') root node
mpl_update_tipInitial update of tip values following uppass reconstruction.
PhyToStringExtract character data from a phyDat object as a string
SetMorphyWeightsSet the character weightings associated with a Morphy object
StringToMorphyString to MorphyDat
StringToPhyDatString to phyDat
summary.morphyPtrDetails the attributes of a morphy object
UnloadInapplicableUnload this library
UnloadMorphyDestroy a Morphy Object
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