Man pages for mtalluto/mbmtools
Multifaceted Biodiversity Modelling

alpha_diversityCompute alpha diversity metrics
bcCompute dissimilarity indices
branch_adjacencyBranch adjacency
ci_parametricParametric confidence intervals for mbm objects
confint.mbmConfidence intervals for MBM models
cwmCommunity weighted mean trait values
dendrosorSorensen dissimilarity index based on a dendrogram
env_dissimCompute a dataframe of environmental dissimilarity values
fix_slashesStandardize slashes to prevent file errors on windows systems
gp_paramsGP parameters for an MBM object
inducingMatrix of inducing inputs for an MBM object
make_argsProduce arguments for the python call
make_mbmConstruct (but do not fit) an mbm model
make_symmetricTurn an MBM prediction dataframe into a symmetric matrix
mbmCreate an mbm model
methodsStandard R methods for mbm objects
mpdMean pairwise distance
phylosorPhylogenetic sorensen dissimilarity index
predict.mbmPredict method for MBM objects
predict_mbm_rasterPrediction for MBM from a raster dataset
prep_lsConvenience function to set up the lengthscale for passing to...
prep_predictSet up a prediction dataset to pass to python
rcPlot response curves
rc_dataGenerate x-data for response curves
read_mbm_predictHigher-level function for reading predictions
set_linkAdd 'link' and 'rev_link' closures to mbm model
set_ytransSet y transformations for an MBM object assuming a linear...
sorSorensen dissimilarity (without partitioning)
sorensenSorensen dissimilarity index
spatial_predictSpatial MBM prediction
spmethodsStandard R methods for mbmSP objects
write_mbm_datWrite MBM data to disk
write_mbm_predictWrite prediction data to disk
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