Man pages for muschellij2/smri.process
Processing of Structural Magnetic Resonance IMaging

all_existsAll Files exist
ants_smooth_imagesSmoothing sMRI data with ANTs
apply_maskApply Brain mask
apply_spatial_normalizeApply Spatial Normalization
bc_noneck_reduceBias Correct, Remove Neck, Reduce Image
fsl_smooth_imagesSmoothing sMRI data with FSL
gather_predictorsGather all predictors from norm_predictors function
intensity_normalizeSMRI Normalize
minmaxNormalize using Min/Max
multi_fastMultiple FAST for PD/T1/T2
n4_rawN4 Bias Field Correction
noneckRemove Neck (Doubly)
norm_predictorsSMRI Intensity Normalize and Create Predictors
quantile_maskThreshold Quantile Image
reduce_imgReduce Image, Dropping Image Dimensions
reg_to_t1Register Images to Another image (usually T1)
rpi_rawRPI Orientation of Images
seg_normalizeSpatially Normalize SMRI data and Tissue Segmentation
smri_corr_imgSMRI Local Correlation Images
smri_flippedSMRI Flipped Image (x-y flipped)
smri_momentsStructural MRI Moment images
smri_prenormalizeSMRI Pipeline for Preprocessing Prior to Normalization
spatial_normalizeSpatially Normalize SMRI data
t1_segmentMALF Tissue and Structure Segmentation
winsorWinsorize Image
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