Man pages for musikutiv/tsTools
Toolbox for Functional Genomics Data Processing in R

bam2coverageConvert a bam file to coverage
bed2dyadConvert a bed file to nucleosome dyad coverage
bin.matrixBin a matrix column-wise and average the bins across rows
bin.matrix.rowsBin a matrix column-wise per row
convertToColorsConvert numeric matrix to colors
coverageWindowsCenteredStrandedGet windowed strand-oriented coverages around center points
coverageWindowsCenteredStrandedParallelGet windowed strand-oriented coverages around center point,...
coverageWindowsStrandedGet windowed strand-oriented coverages
cumPlotCumulative plot with interquartile ranges
meanScaleRow-wise mean scaling
norm.squareRow-wise sum of squares normalization of a matrix
norm.sumRow-wise sum of row normalization of a matrix
ocampoGet ocampo paramters per instance
plotProfilesPlot coverages along genome
plotRasterHeatmapPlot Raster Heatmap of matrix
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