Man pages for nickmckay/GeoChronR
Tools to analyze and visualize time-uncertain geoscientific data

alignTimeseriesBinAlign and bin two timeseries into comparable bins
ar1Estimate Auto-Regressive coefficient at 1-timesetep
ar1SurrogatesCreate a synthetic timeseries that emulates the...
assignColorsAssign colors for map color scale
axisLabelLabel axes
bamCorrectCorrects a Banded Age Model (BAM)
baseMapMake a base map
binBin Data
bin2dTwo dimensional binning
binEnsBin ensemble data
binTsBin every entry in a Timeseries object
clearAllClear all variables and functions from global environment
convertAD2BPConvert years Calendar year (AD/BC or CE) to BP (1950)
convertBP2ADConvert years BP to Calendar year (AD/BC or CE)
corEnsEnsemble correlation
corMatrixMatrix correlation
corrIsopersistCorrelations and their significance according to AR(1)...
createSyntheticTimeseriesCreate a synthetic timeseries that emulates the...
detachAllDetach all packages
effectiveNEstimate effective sample size accounting for autocorrelation
estimateUncertaintyFromRangeEstimate uncertainty estimates from high/low range
fdrFalse Discovery Testing of p-values from multiple testing
fdrBasicFDR Basic
fdr.masterFDR Master
flipCoordsFlip Coordinates
geoChronRPlotThemeDefine a plot theme for GeoChronR
getBaconDirGet the name of bacon core directory
getLegendget a ggplot legend object
getOsWhat OS is this?
getPlotRangesGet ggplot x and y ranges
getVariableIndexGet the index of variable list
kde_2dTwo dimensional kernel density estimation
loadBaconOutputLoad the ensemble, summary and distribution data from a Bacon...
mapAgeEnsembleToPaleoDataMap an ageEnsemble variable from a chron model to a...
mapLipdMap a LiPD object
mapLipdsMap a list of LiPD objects
meltDistributionTableMelt distribution
neotoma2LipdCreate a LiPD object from Neotoma
pcaEnsPerform principle components analysis (PCA) across an...
plotChronHigh-level chron plotting
plotChronEnsPlot chron ensemble
plotChronEnsDiffCompare chron ensemble with paleoData age-model
plotCorEnsPlot the results of an ensemble correlation
plotHistEnsPlot an ensemble dataset as a histogram
plotLinePlot or add a line to plot
plotModelDistributionsPlot probability distributions
plotPcaEnsMap ensemble pca loadings and plot PC timeseries
plotPvalsEnsFdrPlot the the p-values of an ensemble correlation analysis in...
plotRegressEnsPlot ensemble regression results
plotScatterEnsPlot an ensemble of data as a scatterplot
plotSpectraEnsPlot ensemble spectra output
plotSummaryPlot a summary figure
plotTimeseriesEnsLinesPlot an ensemble timeseries as a set of lines
plotTimeseriesEnsRibbonsPlot an ensemble timeseries as ribbons of probabilities
plotTimeseriesStackPlot a bunch of timeseries in a vertical stack
plotTrendLinesEnsPlot an ensemble of trendlines
powerSpectrumEnsCalculate ensemble power spectra
propAltProportion of alternate hypotheses
pullTsVariablepull variable out of TS object
pushTsVariablepush variable into of TS object
pvalPearsonSerialCorrectedCalculate correlation p-value given sample size.
quantile2dFind quantiles across an ensemble
regressSimple ordinary least squeares regression
regressEnsEnsemble regression
runBaconGenerate a Bayesian Reconstruction Age Model (Bacon) and add...
runBamGenerate a Banded Age Model (BAM) and add it into a LiPD...
runBchronGenerate a Bayesian Reconstruction Age Model (Bacon) and add...
runClamRun a clam model
sampleBaconAgesSample ensemble ages from Bacon
selectDataSelect a LiPD "variable list"
setupGeoChronRSetup GeoChronR for first time use
simulateBamSimulate a Banded Age Model (BAM)
storeyStorey estimator
tidyTscreate tidy data.frame from TS
writeBaconCreate the input file for a Bacon model from a LiPD object
writeClamwrite files for running a clam model
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