Man pages for nicolaroberts/hdp
Hierarchical Dirichlet Process for categorical count data

comp_categ_countsGet sample vs category counts for each component
comp_categ_distnGet mean distribution over data categories for each component
comp_cos_mergeGet cos.merge setting
comp_dp_countsGet sample vs component counts for each DP
comp_dp_distnGet mean distribution over components for each DP
cull_posterior_samplesCull early posterior samples from a hdpSampleChain object
dp_activateActivate DP nodes
dp_freezeFreeze DP nodes
example_data_hdpFake categorical count data
example_data_hdp_priorFake categorical count data with priors
example_known_priorsExample known priors
hdp_addconparamAdd concentration parameters to a hdpState object
hdp_adddpAdd DPs to a hdpState object
hdpBase-classhdpBase class for the base distribution
hdpConparam-classhdpConparam class for the DP concentration parameter/s
hdpDP-classhdpDP class for a DP node
hdp_extract_componentsExtract major components from the raw clusters
hdp_initInitialise a hdpState object
hdp_multi_chainGather multiple independent posterior sampling chains for the...
hdp_posteriorPosterior sampling chain across activated DPs.
hdp_prior_initInitialise a HDP structure incorporating prior knowledge
hdp_quick_initInitialise a simple, default HDP structure
hdpSampleChain-classhdpSampleChain class for posterior samples off one MCMC chain
hdpSampleMulti-classhdpSampleMulti class for multiple independent hdpSampleChain...
hdp_setdataAssign data to DP nodes in a hdpState object
hdpState-classhdpState class for a Hierarchical Dirichlet Process in one...
lusc_countLung squamous cell carcinoma mutation data
lusc_multiPosterior sampling chains for LUSC data, conditional on...
mut_countCancer mutation count data
mut_example_chainPosterior sampling chain with cancer mutation data
mut_example_multiMultiple posterior sampling chains with cancer mutation data
numcompGet number of extracted components
plotchainDiagnostic plots for HDP posterior sampling chain
plotcompPlot extracted components
prop.exGet proportion of dataset explained (on average)
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