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Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models in Population Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics focei fit to a data.frame
as.foceiConvert fit to FOCEi style fit
as.nlmeReturn composite nlme/focei to nlme
as.saemReturn composite saem/focei to saem
Bolus_1CPTBolus_1CPT - 1 Compartment Model Simulated Data from ACOP...
Bolus_1CPTMM1 Compartment Model w/ Michelis Menton Elimination
Bolus_2CPT2 Compartment Model
Bolus_2CPTMM2 Compartment Model with Michelis Menton Clearance
bootdataBootstrap data
calcCovCalculate gnlmm variance-covariance matrix of fixed effects
collectWarningsCollect warnings and just warn once.
configsaemConfigure an SAEM model
constructLinCmtConstruct RxODE linCmt function
dynmodelFit a non-population dynamic model
dynmodel.mcmcFit a non-population dynamic model using mcmc
fitted.focei.fitExtract the fitted values from the model
focei.etaGet the FOCEi theta or eta specification for model.
focei.fitFOCEI Fit for nlmixr
focei.thetaGet the FOCEi theta specification for the model
frwd_selectionForward covariate selection for nlme-base non-linear mixed...
gauss.quadSets nodes and weigts of Gauss-Hermite quadrature
gen_saem_user_fnGenerate an SAEM model
getOMEGACalculate gnlmm variance-covariance matrix of random effects
gnlmmFit a generalized nonlinear mixed-effect model
Infusion_1CPTInfusion_1CPT - 1 Compartment Model Simulated Data from ACOP...
invgaussianInverse Guassian absorption model
lincmtParameters for a linear compartment model for SAEM
lin_cmtconcentrations from a linear compartment model
logLik.focei.fitExtract log likelihood for focei fit
metaboliteParent/Metabolite dataset
nlme_gofGOF plots for nlme-based mixed-effect models
nlme_lin_cmptFit nlme-based linear compartment mixed-effect model using...
nlmeModListAccess the model list information for nlmixr's nlme user...
nlme_odeFit nlme-based mixed-effect model using ODE implementation
nlmixrnlmixr fits population PK and PKPD non-linear mixed effects...
nlmixrBoundsExtract the Nlmixr bound information from a function.
nlmixrBounds.eta.namesGet ETA names
nlmixrBounds.focei.upper.lowerGet upper/lower/names for THETAs
nlmixrfindLhsFind the assignments in R expression
nlmixr_fitFit a nlmixr model
nlmixrForgetClear memoise cache for nlmixr
nlmixrLogoMessages the nlmixr logo...
nlmixrUIPrepares the UI function and returns a list.
nlmixrUI.focei.initsGet the FOCEi initilizations
nlmixrUILinCmtBuild linear solved information based on defined parameters.
nlmixrUI.nlmefunCreate the nlme parameter transform function from the UI...
nlmixrUI.nlme.specsCreate the nlme specs list for nlmixr nlme solving
nlmixrUI.nlme.varGet the variance for the nlme fit process based on UI
nlmixrUI.rxode.predReturn RxODE model with predictions appended
nlmixrUI.saem.aresGet initial estimate for ares SAEM.
nlmixrUI.saem.bresGet initial estimate for bres SAEM.
nlmixrUI.saem.eta.transGet the eta->eta.trans for SAEM
nlmixrUI.saem.fitGenerate user function.
nlmixrUI.saem.initGet saem initilization list
nlmixrUI.saem.init.omegaSAEM's init$omega
nlmixrUI.saem.init.thetaGenerate SAEM initial estimates for THETA.
nlmixrUI.saem.log.etaGet model$log.eta for SAEM
nlmixrUI.saem.modelGenerate SAEM model list
nlmixrUI.saem.model.omegaGet the SAEM model Omega
nlmixrUI.saem.res.modGet the SAEM model$res.mod code
nlmixrUI.saem.res.nameGet error names for SAEM
nlmixrUI.saem.theta.nameGet THETA names for nlmixr's SAEM
nlmixrUI.theta.parsGet the Parameter function with THETA/ETAs defined
nlmixrValidateValidate nlmixr
nlmixrVersionDispaly nlmixr's version
nmDataConvertConvert NONMEM/Monolix data to RxODE/nlmixr style data
nmsimplexNelder-Mead of simplex search
nmxIncludeGet a list of directories for inclusion
nobs.focei.fitExtract the number of observations for the focei fit
Oral_1CPTOral_1CPT - 1 Compartment Model with Oral Absorption...
par.histParameter history extraction
plot.dyn.IDPlot of a non-population dynamic model fit
plot.dyn.mcmcPlot of a non-population dynamic model fit using mcmc
plot.focei.fitPlot a plot
plot.saemFitPlot an SAEM model fit
predictionPrediction after a gnlmm fit
print.dyn.IDPrint a non-population dynamic model fit object
print.dyn.mcmcSummary of a non-population dynamic model fit using mcmc
print.focei.fitPrint a focei fit
print.gnlmm.fitPrint a gnlmm fit
print.nlmixrUIPrint UI function
print.saemFitPrint an SAEM model fit summary
pumpPump failure example dataset
ratsPregnant Rat Diet Experiment
residuals.focei.fitExtract residuals from the FOCEI fit
rxFoceiEtaFOCEI ETA setup,
rxFoceiGradCalculate the Gradient for an individual
rxFoceiInnerSolve the FOCEI inner problem
rxFoceiLikGet -LLIK for individual
rxFoceiLpGet -Grad for individual
rxFoceiThetaFOCEI THETA setup,
rxGradReturns the gradient for FOCEi environment
rxHessianGet the Hessian for the environment
RxODE_focei_etaGet the Function pointers for the LBJ'S routine
RxODE_focei_eta_likGet the likelihood for ETA
RxODE_focei_eta_lpGet the likelihood slope for ETA
RxODE_focei_finalize_llikFinalize likelihood environment
rxUpdateEtasUpdate ETAs based on d(eta)/d(theta)
saem.cleanupCleanup saem_fit environment by removing dll after the object...
saemControlControl Options for SAEM
saem.fitFit an SAEM model
simulate.focei.fitSimulate response based on FOCEi model's datathe fitted...
summary.dyn.IDSummary of a non-population dynamic model fit
summary.dyn.mcmcSummary of a non-population dynamic model fit using mcmc
summary.saemFitPrint an SAEM model fit summary
theo_mdMultiple dose Theophiline PK data
theo_sdMultiple dose Theophiline PK data
traceplotProduce trace-plot for fit if applicable
vcov.focei.fitExtract variance/covariance matrix for FOCEI fit
vpcVisual predictive check (VPC)
Wang2007Simulated Data Set for comparing objective functions
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