Man pages for nrauscher/corpus
Toolkit for Corpus Analysis

as.DocumentTermMatrixas.TermDocumentMatrix / as.DocumentTermMatrix
as.markdownGenerate markdown from a partition.
as.sparseMatrixType conversion - get sparseMatrix.
as.speeches-methodSplit partition into speeches
blapplyapply a function over a list or bundle
browsedisplay in browser
bundle-classbundle class
chisquare-methodperform chisquare-text
compare-methodcompare features
comp-classS4 class for comparing corpora
contextBundle-classS4 contextBundle class
context-classS4 context class
context-methodAnalyze context of a node word
cooccurrencesGet cooccurrence statistics.
cooccurrencesBundle-classS4 cooccurrencesBundle class
cooccurrencesReshapedMethods for manipulating cooccurrencesReshaped-class-objects
Corpus-classCorpus class.
corpus-methodget corpus
count-methodGet counts.
cpos-methodget corpus positions
CQIInterfaces for accessing the CWB
cqpCQP queries
cqpserverstart CQP server
decodeDecode corpus.
dispersion-classdispersion class
dispersion-methodDispersion of a query or multiple queries
dividedivide an object into equally sized parts
encode-methodEncode CWB Corpus.
encodingget/set encoding slot of an object
encodingsadjust encoding
enrich-methodenrich an object
flattenflatten a nested list
frequenciesFrequency breakdown of the variation of query results
getEncoding-methodget the encoding of a corpus
getObjectsGet objects of a certain class.
getSlotGet slot from object.
getTerms-methodget terms available in a corpus or partition
getTokenStream-methodGet Token Stream Based on Corpus Positions.
hitsGet Hits.
html-methodrestore fulltext as html
kwicKWIC output / concordances
kwic-classkwic (S4 class)
mail-methodMail result.
means-methodcalculate means
ngramsGet N-Grams
noisedetect noise
partitionInitialize a partition.
partitionBundle-classpartitionBundle class
partitionBundle-methodGenerate a bundle of partitions
partition-classpartition class
pAttribute-methodget pAttribute
pAttributesGet p-attributes.
polmineR-genericsgeneric methods defined in the polmineR-package
read-methodDisplay and read full text
Regions-classRegions of a CWB corpus.
registryreset CORPUS_REGISTRY
sAttributes-methodGet s-attributes.
scatterplot-methodword scatterplot
size-methodGet number of tokens.
split-partition-methodsplit partition into partitionBundle
tempcorpusS4 class to capture core information on a temporary CWB...
templatesManage templates.
TermDocumentMatrixMethods for TermDocumentMatrix / DocumentTermMatrix
terms-partition-methodget terms available in a corpus
textstat-classS4 textstat class
textstatisticstext statistics
TokenStream-classClass for token stream operations.
trim-methodtrim an object
tTestperform t-test
useUse packaged corpus.
viewbrowse an object using View()
weigh-methodweigh a matrix
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