Man pages for nwvankuren/gwplotting
Utilities for plotting statistics from genome-wide analyses

calculate_ld_decayBin LD values for decay plotting
get_cumulative_positionsAssign cumulative positions to postions split by scaffolds.
gwplottinggwplotting: A package to simplify plotting genome-wide...
load_abbababaLoad a results file from Simon Martin's
load_gemma_gwasLoad a GEMMA association results file.
load_pgwLoad a results file from Simon Martin's
load_plink_gwasLoad a PLINK association results file.
load_plink_ldLoad a plink LD file
load_vcftools_statsLoad a VCFtools results file.
plot_genomewide_dataPlot genome-wide statistics
plot_region_dataPlot statistics for a particular region
reorder_by_scaf_lenReorder scaffolds based on their size.
reorder_scaffoldsReorder scaffolds based on assignment to chromosomes.
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