Man pages for oganm/ogbox
Stuff and things

ansGet last value
bioGenderDetects gender of microarray samples
celFilesList cel files
checkLinesRead specific lines from a file
clcClear display
downloadGSEDownloads an entire dataset from GEO
explicitMake function calls explicit
frame2treeTransform a data frame into a nested list.
geom_ogboxvioA violin plot overlayed by a boxplot
geoTitleGet title of a geo ID
getRandomNames#' @export get_random_name = function(retry) left = left()...
getVersionGet version of a local package
grapes-tin-grapesNon standardly evaluated x %tin% y First value provided is...
gseDownDownload multiple cel files from GSE
latexImgCreates a markdown link to the rendered form of a latex...
loadGithubLoad an Rdata file from a URL
loadURLLoad an Rdata file from a URL
pickRandomSelect random elements based on a criteria
prettifyLatexKablePrettify a latex table from knitr
purgeClear parent environment
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
replaceElementReplaces elements of a vector based on the dictonary provided
roxygenTabularRoxygen table maker
sepExprSeprate expression data from gene annotations
setDateSet version of a local package
setVersionSet version of a local package
softDownDownloads soft file of a GSE
softParserA parser for soft files
sourceGithubSource R files from github
trimHeadCommentTrim first line comments
whichGSEGets GSE id of a GSM
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