Man pages for osmose-model/osmose
Object Oriented Simulator of Marine Ecosystems

configureCalibrationReads calibration parameters from an osmose.config list.
existOsmoseParameterCheck if a parameter exists
extract_grid_maskExtracts the model grid file from the LTL forcing file.
extract_grid_paramComputes the Osmose grid parameters by using the LTL forcing...
find_species_indexReturns the index of a species within the configuration.
getAverageMortalityComputes the average mortality.
getFishingBaseRateGet fishing base rate.
getFishingBaseRate.byDtGet fishing base rate using time-step rates.
getFishingBaseRate.byYearGet fishing base rate using annual rates.
getFishingBaseRate.constantGet fishing base rate using constant rate
getFishingBaseRate.linearGet fishing base rate using a linear rate
getFishingMortalityGet fishing mortality rate.
getMortalityGet the total mortality rate.
getMortalityDeviationComputes the mortality deviation. The "proxy", which is...
getOsmoseParameterGet a parameter from a name chain (error if not found).
getSizeSpectrumGet size spectrum
getVarGet variable
getVar.osmoseGetVar method for osmose outputs objects
isFALSEDefines isFALSE from isTRUE
make_movement_netcdfConverts the movement CSV settings into a set of NetCDF files...
osmose-packageOSMOSE: Modelling Marine Exploited Ecosystems
plot.osmosePlot method for osmose objects
print.osmosePrint informations about Osmose outputs
print.summary.osmosePrint the summary informations about Osmose outputs
read_osmoseRead OSMOSE outputs into an R object
readOsmoseConfigurationReads Osmose configuration files.
readOsmoseFilesRead Osmose output file
reportReport method
report.osmoseReport method for osmose objects
run_osmoseRun an OSMOSE configuration
summary.osmoseSummarizes informations about Osmose outputs
writeFishingFilesWrite fishing files from osmose configuration list.
write_osmoseWrite data in osmose format
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