Man pages for padpadpadpad/rTPC
Functions for fitting thermal performance curves

boatman_2017Boatman 2017 function
briere2_1999Briere2 function
est_paramsEstimate extra parameters
flinn_1991Flinn 1991 model
gaussian_1987Gaussian function for TPC
get_ctmaxEstimate the critical thermal maximum
get_ctminEstimate the critical thermal minimum
get_rmaxEstimate maximum rate
get_start_valsEstimate start values for TPC fitting
get_toptEstimate optimum temperature
hinshelwood_1947Hinshelwood 1947 model
joehnk_2008Jöhnk 2008 function
kamykowski_1985Kamykowski 1985 function
lactin2_1995Lactin2 function
oneill_1972O'Neill 1972 function
quadratic_2008Quadratic model
ratkowsky_1983Ratkowsky 1983 model
sharpeschoolfull_1981Full Sharpe Schoolfield Model
sharpeschoolhigh_1981Sharpe Schoolfield Model for high temperature inactivation
sharpeschoollow_1981Sharpe Schoolfield Model for low temperature inactivation
spain_1982Spain function
thomas_2012Thomas (2012) model for TPC
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