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Bayesian Analysis, No Gibbs

bangbang: Bayesian Analysis, No Gibbs
coagulationCoagulation time data
hanova1Posterior sampling for a 1-way hierarchical ANOVA
hefHierarchical Exponential Family Model
iidBayesian Inference for Univariate Distributions
plot.hefPlot diagnostics for a hef object
pp_check.hefPosterior predictive checks for a hef object
print.hefPrint method for objects of class "hef"
print.summary.hefPrint method for objects of class "summary.hef"
pumpPump-failure data
ratRat tumor data
set_user_priorSet a user-defined prior
sim_pred_beta_binomSimulate from a beta-binomial posterior predictive...
sim_pred_gamma_poisSimulate from a gamm-Poisson posterior predictive...
sim_pred_hanova1Simulate from a one-way hierarchical ANOVA posterior...
summary.hefSummarizing hef objects
temp1Mid 21st Century Global Temperature Projection Data
temp2Late 21st Century Global Temperature Projection Data
weight_gainWeight Gained by Rats
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