Man pages for pbs-assess/sdmTMB
Spatiotemporal Species Distribution GLMMs with 'TMB'

familiesAdditional families
get_indexExtract a relative biomass/abundance index or a center of...
make_spdeConstruct an SPDE mesh
pcodExample data for Pacific Cod
plot_anisotropyPlot anisotropy
predict.sdmTMBPredict from an sdmTMB model
qcs_gridExample 2x2km prediction grid for Queen Charlotte Sound
run_extra_optimizationRun extra optimization on an already fitted object
sdmTMBFit a spatial or spatiotemporal GLMM with TMB
sdmTMBcontrolOptimization control options
sdmTMB_cvSave log likelihoods of k-fold cross-validation for sdmTMB...
simSimulate from a spatial Matern Random Field
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