Man pages for pdolder/MixFishSim
Mixed Fishery fleet dynamics simulation tool

baranov_fBaranov F
close_areasClose areas
combine_logsCombine logs
create_fieldsCreate species distribution fields
create_habCreate habitat distribution fields
create_spawn_habcreate spawning habitat
define_spawndefine spawning areas
deg2radDegrees to radians
delay_diffDelay-difference (weekly)
distance_calcdistance calculation
distance_calcRDistance calc, R implementation (C++ seems slow??)
find_ffind F (fishing mortality)
find_spat_ffind spatial Fs (fishing mortality rates)
find_spat_f_naivefind spatial Fs (fishing mortality rates), naive methods of...
find_spat_f_popsfind spatial f pops
get_bearingGet bearing function
go_fishGo fish
go_fish_fleetGo fish fleet
init_closureInitialise spatial closure(s)
init_fleetInitialise fleet
init_moveCovInitialise movement covariates
init_popInitialise populations
init_simInitialise simulation
init_surveyInitialise survey settings
logisticLogistic probability
make_stepmake step function
move_populationpopulation movement function
move_probmovement probability function
move_prob_Lstmovement probability function as a list
norm_funNormal distribution
plot_catch_compPlot the spatial catch composition from the commercial...
plot_daily_fdynPlot daily fishing mortality dynamics
plot_fleet_tripPlot an entire fleet for a trip
plot_pop_summaryPlot population summary
plot_realised_stepFPlot realised step function
plot_spatiotemp_habPlot spatiotemporal habitat suitability
plot_surveyPlot the fisheries independent survey results
plot_vessel_movePlot vessel move
rad2degRadians to degrees
RecrRecruitment function
Recr_matRecruitment function applied to matrix
run_simRun sim
step_lengthStep length function
sum_fleet_catchesSum fleet catches
sum_fleets_catchesSum fleets catches
test_steptest step length function
use_past_knowledgeUse past knowledge
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