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The effectiveness package


This is effect.lndscp, an R package for plotting the effectiveness landscape of mutualisms adding isolines of equal effectiveness values.

Effectiveness landscapes are the two-dimensional representation of the possible combinations of the quantity and the quality of mutualistic services (seed dispersal, pollination) and with elevational contours representing isoclines of effectiveness. These representations can be 2D bivariate plots of multiplicative effects of any of the seed dispersal (SDE) or pollination (PE) effectiveness components.





Based on a dataset of Cecropia glaziovii frugivores. In this example we build the effectiveness landscape just for the quantitative component, plotting its two subcomponents, visitation rate and per-visit effectiveness.

effectiveness_plot(cecropia$totvis, cecropia$totbic, 
    myxlab = "No. visits/10h", 
    myylab = "Effectiveness/vis (No. fruits handled)")

Based on a dataset of Prunus mahaleb frugivores.

effectiveness_plot(prunus$visits, prunus$eff_per_vis, 
   pts.shape = prunus$group, label = prunus$animal,  
   myxlab = "No. visits/10h", 
   myylab = "Effectiveness/vis (No. fruits handled)")

For additional details please visit the web page here.


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