Man pages for pepkit/pepr
Reading Portable Encapsulated Projects

activateSubprojectActivate other subproject in objects of 'Project-class'
checkSection-Config-methodCheck for existence of a section in the Project config
configView PEP config of the object of 'Project-class'
Config-classConfig objects are specialized list objects
dot-expandPathExpand system path
dot-handleSampleAnnotationDeprecationSimilarily for 'sample_subannotation' 'subsample_table' pair
dot-isAbsoluteDetermine whether a path is absolute.
dot-listifyDFListify data frame columns
dot-loadConfigLoad the config of a PEP
dot-makeAbsPathCreate an absolute path from a primary target and a parent...
dot-printNestedListPrint a nested list
dot-sanitizeConfigA designated place for any config transformations/sanity...
dot-strformatFormat a string like python's format function
fetchSamplesHandles the deprecation of the 'sample_annotation' key in the...
getSampleThis method extracts the sample from the 'Project-class'...
getSubsampleThis method extracts the subsample from the 'Project-class'...
listSubprojectsLists subprojects in a 'Project-class' object
peprPackage docs
ProjectThe constructor of a class representing a Portable...
Project-classPortable Encapsulated Project object
samplesView samples in the objects of 'Project-class'
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