Man pages for peterawe/CMScaller
CMScaller: an R package for consensus molecular subtyping of colorectal cancer pre-clinical models

anno.orgHsannotation for translating between gene identifiers
CMScallerCMS classification
CMSgsaCMS Gene Set Analysis
cohensKappaCohen's kappa coefficient
corCosinecosine correlation
crcTCGAsubsetcolorectal TCGA gene expression data with subtype annotation
ematAdjustmatrix row-wise scaling and centering
fromTotranslation between human gene identifiers
geneSets.CMSgene sets relevant to Consensus Molecular Subtypes
geneSets.CRCgene sets relevant to Consensus Molecular Subtypes
geneSets.reactomegene sets for exploratory gene set analysis
ntpnearest template prediction
ntpMakeTemplatesnearest template prediction templates
replaceGeneIdreplace matrix gene identifiers
subBoxplotboxplot with data points
subCameralimma/voom camera gene set analysis visualization
subDEGlimma/voom differential gene expression analysis
subHeatmapntp heatmap
subMAMA plot
subMDSMDS plot with class labels
subPairsscatterplots of sample-templates distances
subPCAPCA plot with class labels.
subSetNAsets NTP results to NA based on p-value cutoff
subVolcanovolcano plot
templates.CMSconsensus molecular subtype (CMS) templates
templates.CMSidevelopment consensus molecular subtype (CMS) templates
templates.CRISCRC intrinsic subtypes (CRIS) templates
templates.MSImicro-satellite instability templates
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