Man pages for pfh/topconfects
Top Results by Confident Effect Size

confects_plotTop confident effect sizes plot
confects_plot_meMean-expression vs effect size plot
edger_confectsConfident effect sizes based on the edgeR Quasi-Likelihood...
edger_group_confectsGroup confects (differential exon usage, etc)
effect_contrastSimple linear contrast effect.
effect_contrast_ratioRatio of contrasts effect.
effect_gammaGoodman and Kruskall's gamma, Yule's Q
effect_link_log2Adapt an effect size object to work with coefficients...
effect_sdStandard-deviation of a set of coefficients as effect size
effect_shiftShift of mass effect
group_effect_rssmGroup effect for differential splicing
group_effect_shiftGroup effect for shifts in 5' or 3' end usage
limma_confectsConfident log2 fold changes using limma's treat function,...
limma_nonlinear_confectsConfident non-linear effect sizes using limma
nest_confectsGeneral purpose function to find sets of discoveries for a...
rank_rank_plotA plot to compare two rankings
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