Man pages for pginart/SNPFISHAnalysis
Creates basic analysis for Raj Lab SNP FISH workflow

AnalyzeSNPDirectoryDoes a rough, first pass SNP FISH analysis for a given...
ExtractFilesFromYamlGroupLoads Yaml file and SNPTables from a YamlGroup
GetAllYamlGroupsinDirSearches the given directory for all readMe.yaml files
ggnameMake catagory names friendly to ggplot2
MakeAlleleScatterPlotCreates scatter plot between SNPA vs SNPB counts
MakeGuideTablePlotsMakes a standard set of graphs for guide table
MakeOverallImbalanceBarCreates bar graph comparing ratio of SNP A to SNP B in cell...
MakeStackedCellCountPlotCreates standard bar plot of stacked cell counts
MakeTotalCellCountPieCreates standard pie chart for cell population average
ReorderSNPLevelsReorders the label's levels in table such that undetected...
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