API for phenomecentre/peakPantheR
Peak Picking and Annotation of High Resolution Experiments

Global functions
EICs Man page
EICs,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
FIR Man page
FIR,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
ROI Man page
ROI,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
TIC Man page
TIC,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
[,peakPantheRAnnotation,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
_PACKAGE Man page
acquisitionTime Man page
acquisitionTime,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
annotationDiagnosticMultiplot Man page Source code
annotationDiagnosticPlots Man page
annotationDiagnosticPlots,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
annotationParamsDiagnostic Man page
annotationParamsDiagnostic,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
annotationTable Man page
annotationTable,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
cpdID Man page
cpdID,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
cpdMetadata Man page
cpdMetadata,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
cpdName Man page
cpdName,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
dataPoints Man page
dataPoints,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
extractSignalRawData Man page Source code
filename Man page
filename,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
filepath Man page
filepath,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
findTargetFeatures Man page Source code
fitCurve Man page Source code
generateIonChromatogram Man page Source code
getAcquisitionDatemzML Man page Source code
getTargetFeatureStatistic Man page Source code
integrateFIR Man page Source code
is.peakPantheR_curveFit Man page Source code
isAnnotated Man page
isAnnotated,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
nbCompounds Man page
nbCompounds,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
nbSamples Man page
nbSamples,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
onAttach Source code
onLoad Source code
outputAnnotationDiagnostic Man page
outputAnnotationDiagnostic,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
outputAnnotationParamsCSV Man page
outputAnnotationParamsCSV,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
outputAnnotationResult Man page
outputAnnotationResult,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
peakFit Man page
peakFit,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
peakPantheR Man page
peakPantheR-package Man page
peakPantheRAnnotation Man page Source code
peakPantheRAnnotation-class Man page
peakPantheR_ROIStatistics Man page Source code
peakPantheR_loadAnnotationParamsCSV Man page Source code
peakPantheR_parallelAnnotation Man page Source code
peakPantheR_plotEICFit Man page Source code
peakPantheR_plotPeakwidth Man page Source code
peakPantheR_singleFileSearch Man page Source code
peakTables Man page
peakTables,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
peakpanther Man page
plotEICDetectedPeakwidth Man page Source code
plotHistogram Man page Source code
predictCurve Man page Source code
resetAnnotation Man page
resetAnnotation,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
saveSingleFileMultiEIC Man page Source code
skew_erf Man page Source code
skewedGaussian_guess Man page Source code
skewedGaussian_minpack.lm Man page Source code
skewedGaussian_minpack.lm_objectiveFun Man page Source code
spectraMetadata Man page
spectraMetadata,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
uROI Man page
uROI,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
uROIExist Man page
uROIExist,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
useFIR Man page
useFIR,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
useUROI Man page
useUROI,peakPantheRAnnotation-method Man page
valid_peakPantheRAnnotation Source code
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