Longitudinal Antigenic Sites and Sequences from Intrahost Evolution


Longitudinal Antigenic Swarm Selection from Intrahost Evolution

An R package of tools to select sites and sequences that represent variation in a longitudinally sampled protein alignment.

Installation and Getting Started:

  1. Start R, by whatever method you choose.
  2. Type "install.packages('devtools')".
  3. If prompted to compile a required package from source, you can safely decline without ill effects.
  4. Type "devtools::install_github('phraber/lassie').
  5. Type "vignette('lassie')".
  6. Run "?lassie::lassie" to begin reading the documentation.

If the you cannot view the vignette, it is available in PDF format here -

Check out the shiny interface, which runs this code interactively:

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