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R interface to the java package BGLiMS (Bayesian Generalised Linear Model Selection).

AutocorrelationPlotAutocorrelation plot for model selection. Model inclusion of...
ChainPlotsCoefficient history trace plots from a Reversible Jump...
CredibleSetInfer credible sets of predictors
GetBetaBinomMuSdDerives the beta-binomial mean and standard deviation
GetBetaBinomParamsDerives the beta-binomial parameters for target mean and...
JAMJAM (Joint Analysis of Marginal statistics)
JAM_LogisticToLinearEffectsLogistic to linear effect conversion for JAM
JAM_PointEstimatesJAM (Joint Analysis of Marginal statistics) multivariate...
JAMPred_ParallelBlockIndicesList of which LD blocks are to be analysed on which CPU core
JAMPred_SplitIntoPositiveDefiniteBlocksSplits a list of SNPs into positive definite blocks.
JAMPred_Step1ParallelAnalysesJAMPred step 1 parallel analyses of SNP blocks
JAM_RankCheckJAM rank check.
ManhattanPlotManhattan Plot
ModelSizeBayesFactorsInfer credible sets of predictors
NormInvGamPosteriorSampleGenerate conjugate posterior sample of coefficients for a...
PrettyResultsTableA pretty summary results table for reports. NOTE: This...
R2BGLiMSCall BGLiMS from R
R2BGLiMS-packageR interface to the java package "BGLiMS" (Bayesian...
R2BGLiMS_Results-classThe R2BGLiMS_Results class
R2BGLiMS_Results-methods'show' method for 'R2BGLiMS_Results-class' objects
TopModelsTable of top models
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