Man pages for pll21/pKSEA
Prediction-Based Kinase-Substrate Enrichment Analysis

batchrunRunning pKSEA::compare() on multiple files
calc_contributionCalculate score contributions by phosphorylation site
compareRunning analysis runs on known substrates, predicted...
get_matched_dataFiltering data to matched predictions
getscoresSum score contributions for each kinase across all...
getsubsExtract summary table with pertinent columns related to...
KSEAfilterFilter matched data to remove positive IDs from KSEA
perc.permutationGet percentile ranks across permutations
perc.rankObtain percentile rank comparing a single value to set
permtestPerform permutation test
results_writeOutput writing of pKSEA compare() results
run_on_matchedRuns pKSEA analysis on a dataset result from...
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