Man pages for pneuvial/sanssouci
Post hoc inference through JFWER control

calibrateJERCalibration of joint Family-Wise Error Rate thresholds
curveMaxFPUpper bound for the number of false discoveries among most...
dyadic.from.leaf_listCreate a complete dyadic tree structure
gaussianSamplesSimulate equi-correlated data
gaussianTestStatisticsSimulate Gaussian test statistics
maxFPUpper bound for the number of false discoveries in a...
minTPLower bound for the number of true discoveries in a selection
posthocBySimespost hoc bound obtained from Simes' inequality
rowWelchTestsWelch t-tests for rows of a matrix
suffWelchTestWelch test from sufficient statistics
testByRandomizationRandomization-based testing
V.starPost hoc bound on the number of false positives
zetas.treeEstimate of the proportion of true nulls in each node of a...
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