Man pages for poissonconsulting/jaggernaut
Bayesian Analyses using 'JAGS'

add_jagsAdd JAGS objects
as.jags_modelCoerce to a JAGS model object
auto_corrGet auto-correlation values (s)
coef.jags_analysisCalculate parameter estimates
combineCombines objects
combine.jags_modelAdd JAGS model objects
combine.jags_sampleCombine JAGS samples
combine_listCombines elements of list
convergenceGet R-hat value(s)
convergence_analysesCombine Models
convergence_thresholdR-hat threshold
conversion_termsConversion Terms
convert_dataConvert Data
cross_corrGet cross-correlation values
data_jagsGet dataset(s) from a JAGS object
datasetGet dataset(s) from a JAGS object
dataset.jags_analysisGet dataset from a JAGS analysis object
dataset.jags_sampleGet dataset
date2integerDate To Integer
ddply_jags_sampleddply JAGS sample
default_model_idGet default model id
default_model_id-setSet model name(s)
derived_codeGet derived code from a JAGS object
derived_code-setSet derived code in a JAGS object
falconFalcon breeding population data
fitted.jags_analysisJAGS analysis fitted values
generate_dataGenerate data
gen_initsGet generate initial values
gen_inits-setSet generate initial values
integer2dateInteger To Date
is_convergedTest convergence
is_converged.jags_analysisTest convergence
is_converted_dataTest data set
is_converted_data_frameTest data set
is_converted_data_listTest data set
is_convertible_dataTest data set
is_convertible_data_frameTest data frame
is_convertible_data_listTest convertible data list
is.jags_analysisTest for objects of class jags_analysis
is.jags_modelTest for objects of class jags_model
is.jags_sampleTest for objects of class jags_sample
is_parallelTest parallel
jaggernautBayesian Analysis with JAGS
jags_analysisPerform a JAGS analysis
jags_modelCreate a JAGS model
jg_block_namesGet block names in JAGS model code
jg_block_names-setSet block names in JAGS model code
jg_blocksParses blocks in JAGS model code
jg_checkCheck JAGS model code
jg_distsGet distributions in JAGS model code
jg_fixFix JAGS model code
jg_funcsGet functions in JAGS model code
jg_nblockGet number of blocks in JAGS model code
jg_rm_commentsRemove comments in JAGS model code
jg_vnodesGet variable nodes in JAGS model code
merge_jags_samplesMerge JAGS samples
modelGet model
model_codeGet model code
model_code-setSet model code
model_idGet model id
model_id-setSet model name(s)
modify_dataGet modify data
modify_data_derivedGet modify data derived
modify_data_derived-setSet modify data derived
modify_data-setSet modify data
monitorGet monitor
monitor-setSet monitor
nanalysesNumber of analyses in a JAGS object
nchainsNumber of MCMC chains in a JAGS object
new_dataNew data
nitersNumber of MCMC iterations used to generate a JAGS object
nmodelsNumber of models in a JAGS object
nsamplesNumber of MCMC samples in a JAGS object
ntriesGet number of tries
opts_jagrGet and set jaggernaut options
paste_namesPaste Names
plot.jags_analysisPlot a JAGS analysis
predictive_checkJAGS analysis posterior predictive checks
random_effectsGet random effects
random_effects-setSet random effects
reverse_stringsReverse Strings
select_dataGet select data
select_data_derivedGet select derived
select_data_derived-setSet modify data derived
select_data-setSet select_data
subset.jags_analysisSubset a JAGS analysis
subset.jags_modelSubset a JAGS model
test_examplesTest Examples
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