Man pages for ppham27/setsim
Software tool for the visualization of confidence regions in statistical models

bisectBisection Method
boundaryBoundary Sampling Method
data.gaussianMature Cheddar Cheese
data.inversegammaClotting Time
data.loggammaBrain Weights
data.logisticDisease Outbreak
data.loglinearFlorida Death Penalty
data.negbinoAttendance Behavior
data.poissonSmart Phone Users
HLCRHighest Likelihood Confidence Region
independentIndependent Sampling Method
McustomizeCustomized Model
MgammaGamma Regression Model
MgaussianMultiple Gaussian Regression Model
MlmmcLinear Mixed Model (Covariance Parameters)
MlmmfLinear Mixed Model (Fixed-Effect Parameters)
MlogisticLogistic Regression Model
MnegbinoNegative Binomial Regression Model
MpoissonPoisson Regression Model
nrootsFinding the Number of Roots
setsim-packageSoftware tool for the visualization of confidence regions in...
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