Dear CRAN volunteers,

Thank you for reviewing this submission. This submission contains an update to the prioritizr R package. Specifically, the update contains assorted bug fixes and improvements to the package documentation. It also addresses the failing CRAN check on the macOS old-release platform (i.e., r-oldrel-macos-x86_64).


Richard Schuster

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Suggests or Enhances not in mainstream repositories: gurobi, rcbc, cplexAPI

The cplexAPI, gurobi, and rcbc R packages provide interfaces to optimization software. Although they are not available on CRAN, we provide instructions for installing these R packages in the DESCRIPTION file and the package documentation (see ?add_cplex_solver, ?add_gurobi_solver, ?add_cbc_solver). Additionally, comprehensive instructions for installing the gurobi R package are also provided in the Gurobi Installation Guide vignette (see vignette('gurobi_installation', package = "prioritizr")).

We also wish to justify our inclusion of the archived cplexAPI R package as an optional dependency. The prioritizr R package aims to provide users with the ability to solve optimization problems using a variety of different software, and the cplexAPI R package provides an interface to the IBM CPLEX software. Although compiler warnings resulted in the archival of the cplexAPI R package, we have confirmed that it still works correctly and the source code remains publicly available ( Thus we are confident that users will be able to use the cplexAPI R package. Although the Rcplex R package -- which is available on CRAN -- aims to provide a similar interface to the IBM CPLEX software, it is not a suitable replacement. This is because the cplexAPI R package is not compatible with the latest version of the IBM CPLEX software. Despite attempts to contact the maintainer of the Rcplex R package, we have not been successful and so the Rcplex package remains unusable.

These words are spelled correctly.

Previous notes from CRAN maintainers

Thank you for this suggestion! The prioritizr R package was first released on CRAN in 2016. Since then it has been cited in nearly 30 scientific publications (see the publication record vignette), and has a worldwide community spanning over 100 countries (based on website tracking analytics). Although the "in R" text in the title is redundant, we worry that changing the title at this point in time would confuse the user base and invalidate previous work that has cited this package. As such, we would prefer to keep the current title.

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