Man pages for pvrqualitasag/PedigreeFromTvdData
Import pedigree data from TVD-Input files

all_birthdate_consistentcheck whether all non-NA birthdates are consistent
all_parent_id_consistentCheck whether all ids of a given parent (mother or father)...
build_check_pedigree_from_tvdRead K11-formatted TVD-data to build a pedigree
check_birthdateValidation of birthdate border and limit
check_birthdate_tblValidation of birthdate format using tbl_df pedigree
check_parent_as_animalCheck whether parents appear as animals
check_parent_older_offspringCheck that parents are older than their offspring
check_sexValidation of sex
check_sex_tblValidation of sex format using tbl_df pedigree
check_tvdidValidation of tvd-number
check_tvd_id_tblChecking Format of TVD-Ids in Pedigree ptblPedigree
check_unique_animal_idCheck for uniqueness of Animal-IDs in a pedigree
clean_build_installCleanup, build vignettes, documents and install
correct_tvd_formatCorrect Ids in column pnIdCol which do not have the correct...
correct_tvd_format_tblCorrect Ids in column pnIdCol which do not have the correct...
getBirthdateBorderGet consistency border for birthdate
getBirthdateColIdxGet column index of birthdate in tbl_df pedigree
getBirthdateColIdxDschGet column index for birthdate with new DSCH-format
getBirthdayConsistencyLimitGet consistency limits for birthdates
getColPositionsReturn default column positions for fixed width coming from...
getConsistencySexGet consistency sex
getDschFormatTblDfGet Format from DSCH xlsx-file as tbl_df
getFormatBorderReturn default border values for fixed input format
getFormatDSCHFileReturn path to the DSCH-format file
getK11ColPositionFromDschGet K11 Format from the DSCH-format file
getK11ColPositionVecFromDschGet K11 Column positions as vector
getSexColIdxDschGet column index for sex with new DSCH-format
getTVDIdBorderGet consistency border for TVDid
getTvdIdColsReturn default column indices for Ids
getTvdIdColsDschGet column indices of different IDs in pedigree tbl_df
is.notletterCheck the country-code in TVDid
is.notnumberCheck the number-code in TVDid
laf_open_fwf_tvd_inputRead TVD-Pedigree from inputfile using LaF::laf_open_fwf()
outputOutput Pedigree from TVD-Data
PedigreeFromTvdDataPedigreeFromTvdData: Import pedigree from K11-formatted...
readr_fwf_tvd_inputRead TVD-Pedigree from file using readr::read_fwf()
read_tvd_inputReading TVD data and construct a pedigree
remove_recRemoving a series of records
set_field_naSetting one field of a list of records in a pedigree to NA
subBlankSubstitute blanks and replace empty string by NA
transform_check_birthdate_tblTransformation of incorrect birthdate format using tbl_df...
transform_check_parent_older_offspringTransformation after check if parents are older than their...
transform_check_sex_tblTransformation after check of sex format using tbl_df...
transform_correct_tvd_format_tblTransformation after check Correct Ids format in column...
transform_unique_animal_idTransformation after check for uniqueness of Animal-IDs in a...
unique_idAdd unique number to each record
write_checkedtransformed_pedgiree_from_tvdWrite checked pedigree to an output file
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