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Package PedigreeFromTvdData is used to construct a pedigree from TVD-input files. TVD-input files are in a fixed-format according to the specification from the interface definition called "Datenschnittstelle Rindvieh". The package PedigreeFromTvdData provides three categories of functions: data-import, consistency-checking, pedigree-data-output.

Input Data Format

The input data used in this package to extract the required pedigree information is a fixed-width format such as defined in the K11-format of the DSCH The definition of DSCH is given by an xlsx-spreadsheet which was adapted to the format of the input data used here. The vector of column widths is obtained by calling the function getK11ColPositionVecFromDsch().

Data Import

The data import using the a line-by-line input strategy and saving the data in nested lists did take too long. Hence, we compared different input functions. See the vignette entitled "Reading Fixed Width Formatted Data" for the comparison results. In the current version the data is read using the function laf_open_fwf_tvd_input() which is based on the package LaF. This function takes as input the name of the input file. Optionally, the field borders can be specified as a function argument. The last argument is a flag that determines whether debugging output is written to the console or not.

Consistency Checks

Three types of consistency checks can be done, once the pedigree is read.

  1. Format of TVD-Ids for animals and parents

  2. Format and values of birthdates

  3. Sex of parents

Data Output

The data output format is defined as ...

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