Man pages for redaq/atMPRA
Analysis Toolset for MPRA data

analyzeMPRAAnalyze MPRA data using specified tests
atMPRA-packageAnalysis Toolset for MPRA data
calEnrichmentCompute bias towards SNPs with allelic DNA imbalance
datMeanAn example of input DNA count distribution across tags.
estimateMPRAEstimate the modeling parameters for MPRA data provided.
getPowerPower calculation for designing MPRA experiments
GSE70531_paramsParameters estimated for the MPRA data (GSE70531)
sim_fixDepthSimulating MPRA data
sim_fixInputDistSimulating MPRA data
sim_fixInputMeanSimulating MPRA data
sim_fixMeanDSimulating MPRA data
sim_fixTotalDSimulating MPRA data
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