Man pages for richelbilderbeek/razzo
The Error If Nature Is MBD

check_mbd_paramsCreate mbd parameters
check_misc_paramsCheck the misc parameters
check_razzo_paramsCheck if the 'razzo_params' are valid razzo parameters.
collect_essesCollect esses
collect_evidencesCollect marginal loglikelihoods
collect_nltt_statsCollect nltt statistics
collect_n_taxaCollect number of taxa
create_fig_1Create figure 1
create_file_essesCreate the dataframe with esses data and save it as a file
create_file_fig_1Save nllt figure
create_file_marg_liksCreates file containing marginal loglikelihoods
create_file_nltt_statsCreates file containing nltt stats
create_file_n_taxaCreates file containing the number of taxa
create_mbd_params_intervalCreate the parameter interval for mbd setting
create_parameters_filesCreate all parameter files in...
create_params_mbdCreate mbd parameters
create_params_miscCreate the parameters for one experiment. Run one point of...
create_params_razzoCreate the parameters for one experiment. Run one point of...
create_test_mbd_paramsCreate MBD parameters used in tests
create_test_razzo_paramsCreate some testing parameters for one experiment. Run one...
default_params_docThis function does nothing. It is intended to inherit is...
get_data_pathsGet paths for all the settings
get_gen_modelsGet the names of the supported generative models
get_razzo_pathGet the full path of a file in the 'inst/extdata' folder
get_results_pathGet paths for the results
open_parameters_fileOpens a parameter file and parses it
run_razzoRuns one 'razzo' experiment
run_razzo_from_fileRun a razzo experiment from a filename
save_razzo_paramsesCreate the parameter files according to the specified...
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