Man pages for richfitz/remake
Make-like build management

archive_exportExport remake contents
archive_importImport a remake archive
auto_gitignoreAutomatically generate .gitignore
create_bindingsLoad remake bindings into the global environment
deleteDelete targets
diagramMake a figure with the dependency graph
dump_environmentDump remake contents to environment
fetchFetch last computed
fetch_archiveFetch a file or object from an archive
file_extensionsVector of file extensions
install_missing_packagesInstall missing packages
install_remakeInstall running script.
is_archiveTest if a zip file is likely to be a remake archive, as...
is_currentDetermine if targets are current
list_archiveList contents of a remake archive
list_targetsList targets
makeMake one or more targets
make_environmentConstruct environment
make_scriptWrite standalone script to make targets
remakeCommand line interface to remake
remake_verboseControl remake verbosity
remodelremake / remodel
source_characterSource a remake script
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