install_remake: Install running script.

Description Usage Arguments Details


Install running script to a local directory. This directory should be on the $PATH. Once this has been done, you can run remake with remake. See remake --help for more information, or a summary below.


install_remake(destination_directory, overwrite = FALSE)



Directory to install remake to. Should be on your path, though the current directory may be useful too. The file will be installed as file.path(dest, "remake")


Overwrite an existing file?


The installed script is just a wrapper to an internal remake function, designed so that the wrapper script does not need to be installed after upgrading remake.

Because of the design of Rscript, the helper script loads the methods package: in my experience many things just do not work without that package loaded and Rscript does not load it by default (especially in conjunction with ::).

This remake script accepts standard unix-style command-line options to drive a subset of remake's functionality. Supported featues are:

Additionally, the file used can be selected by using -f or --file (following make's convention), and remake can be run with verbose=FALSE by passing in -q or --quiet.

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