auto_gitignore: Automatically generate .gitignore

Description Usage Arguments


Attempts to add targets that remake will generate to your .gitignore. If the file already exists, then the files will be added (if not already present), otherwise a file will be created. If check_git is TRUE (the default) then we attempt to check with git to see if the files are already ignored by any gitignore (including a system-specific global gitignore) and only files that are not already excluded will be added. Probably after running this function you will want to do some editing.


auto_gitignore(remake_file = "remake.yml", check_git = TRUE,
  dry_run = FALSE)



Name of the remake file to use, by default remake.yml.


Use the output of git check-ignore to determine which files are already ignored? This is only done if git is detected to be installed and if the working directory appears to be in a git repository.


Don't modify the .gitignore, but instead return a character vector of what would be added.

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