Man pages for ricoderks/Rcpm
General functions for the Center of Proteomics and Metabolomics (LUMC)

attr_remRemove attributes
bubble_plotCreate bubble plots
check_alignmentCheck the alignment of mzXML files
closest_matchMatch list of standards to peak table
diff_plotCreate difference plots
equateQuantile equatin
flip_peaklistTranspose a peaklist from XCMS
get_mzxml_spectraRetrieve MS1 spectra from a mzXML file
merge_xcms_metaMerge a XCMS output file with meta data
m_pow_xModeling power
mscaMultilevel Simultaneous Component Analysis (MSCA)
msca_pMultilevel Simultaneous Component Analysis (MSCA-P)
msms_search_lipidmapsDo a MSMS search on the Glycerophospholipid MS/MS Prediction...
ms_search_lipidmapsDo a MS search on the LMSD database from LipidMaps
multiplotMultiple plot function
ncomp_oplsFind the optimal number of OPLS components
o2plsOrthogonal Projections to Latent Structures (OPLS) for a...
o2pls_predPrediction function of the opls package
oplsOrthogonal Projections to Latent Structures (OPLS) for a...
opls_predPrediction function of the opls package
pca_plotsCreate nice PCA plots.
perm_testPermutation test for PLS and PLS-DA models
plot_histogramplot nice histogram
pqnPerform Probabilistic Quotient Normalization
preprocessCenter and scale your data
qc_plotCreate QC plots
qc_rlscPerform QC-RLSC for batch correction of chromatographic...
Rcpm-packageGeneral functions for the Center of Proteomics and...
reverse_predictDo a reverse prediction on a linear regression
simple_ellipseCreate a simple ellipse for a PCA score plot
summary_fitshow summary of fit of a PCA model
summary_fit_dataReshape data frame for the summary_fit function.
summary_seGive a summary of a data frame
tbl2roiConvert a list of peaks (rt / m/z pairs) to a Region of...
unmapDummy matrix for an outcome factor
vipImplementation of VIP (Variable Importance in Projection) for...
vip_jhImplementation of VIP (Variable Importance in Projection) for...
xcmsraw_to_tblConvert raw data into a tibble of xcmsRaw objects.
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