Man pages for rmtrane/QualityControl
Plots for reproducibility analysis, such as Bland-Altman for continuous and agreement plots for discrete variables.

AQFactorFunction to replace Absent and Questionable levels with A/Q.
convert_modalsConvert Modalities
convert_namesConvert Names
crossaCross Tabs with Shading Algorithms
exact.agree.tableTable with Exact Agreement
frontpage.tableTable for Front Page of Report
grader.frontpage.tableTable for Front Page of Grader Specific Report
ICCInterclass Correlation
load.fileLoad file from data.dir
Plot.crossAWrapper for crossA for twograders.plotx and sd.plotaLimit
recode_DRsevRecode DR Severity Levels
right.subset.RRight Subset
save.exactSave Outcome of exact.agreement
sd.plotaLimitBland-Altman Plot with Confidence Interval
tabulationCreate Table for End Page of QC
twograders.plotxCorrelation Plot
unfolded.kappaUnfolded Kappa
wrap_sentence1Wrap Sentence
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