Man pages for robAndrewCarter/rnaseqUtils
Utility Functions for RNASeq Data Analysis

create_mst_igraphs_for_samplesGenerate Minimum spanning trees from expression matrices
examine_datasetGenerate several plots and objects for dataset exploration
explore_expressionView expression of genes on 2D plots.
get_cellranger_matricesLoads the matrix files from a 10X run
get_cidr_distance_matrix_from_raw_countsCompute distance between samples
get_cluster_by_ensembl_mat_of_expr_summariescalculate cluster summaries
get_df_of_cluster_enrichments_for_each_geneDetermine genes enriched in regions of a minimum spanning...
get_mean_dist_from_matrixThe function calculates and returns the mean of the...
get_normalized_expression_matrixProcess cellranger output
get_random_genes_from_matrixFilter random genes from matrix
read_merge_and_return_sample_matricesLoads and merges the matrix files from a 10X run
remove_ribosomal_proteins_and_mitochondrial_genes_from_matrixFilter MT and Ribsomal protein genes
run_interactive_monocle_gadgetExplore a dataset with monocle
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