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Fingerprinting for Flow Cytometry

append-methodsMethods to append flowFP fingerprints to a flowFPPlex
binBoundary-methodsReturn bin boundaries for a flowFPModel
counts-methodsMethod for getting fingerprint data.
flowFPFingerprint constructor
flowFP-classFingerprint class description.
flowFPModelFingerprint model constructor
flowFPModel-classFingerprint model class description.
flowFP-packagePackage overview
flowFPPlexFingerprint collection constructor.
flowFPPlex-classFingerprint collection class description.
fs1Example FCS flowSet
fs2Example FCS flowSet
hasClasses-methodsReturns TRUE if the flowFP has a class factor for its...
index-methodsIndexing methods for flowFP and flowFPPlex
is.flowFPTest to see if object is a flowFP
is.flowFPModelTest to see if object is a flowFPModel
is.flowFPPlexTest to see if object is a flowFPPlex
length-methodsThe number of fingerprints in a flowFPPlex
name-methodsGet Model Name
nFeatures-methodsReturns the number of features in an object.
nInstances-methodsReturns the number of instances in an object.
nRecursions-methodsMethods to set or get nRecursions
parameters-methodsReturn the parameters considered for fingerprinting
plate96 well plate data.
plot-methodsMethods for visualizing flowFP objects
sampleClasses-methodsGets/Sets the sample classes for a fingerprint.
sampleNames-methodsMethods to return sample names from a flowFP object.
show-methodsMethods to view flowFP objects
summary-methodsSummerizes a flowFP object.
tags-methodsReturns tags from a flowFP object.
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