Man pages for roonysgalbi/tispec
Calculates tissue specificity from RNA-seq data

calcTauImplements tissue specificity algorithm
checkInputChecks the input data frame for incompatible values values,...
getControlsGet a set of genes that can be used to differentiate between...
getDistGet tissue specific distribution
getMartGet ensembl annotations
getOptimumExtract a set of genes that are both highly specific for and...
getTissueGet expression and specificity of each gene in a single...
log2ExpExample log normalised data set output of log2Trans()
log2TranLog Transforms a data frame
meanExpExample input data set
optimumExample output of getOptimum()
plotCorrPlot correlation between expression and specificity
plotDensityPlot tissue specificity distribution
plotDistPlot number of tissue specific genes per tissue
plotGenePlot specificity of a user defined gene for each tissue
qnExpExample quantile normalised data set output of quantNorm()
quantNormQuantile normalise a data frame
tauAnnoExample ensembl annotation of data set output of getMart()
tauExpExample tau + expression fraction output of calcTau()
tissueAExample tissueA output of getTissue()
tissueBExample tissueB output of GetTissue()
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