Man pages for roonysgalbi/tispec
Calculates tissue specificity from RNA-seq data

calcTauImplements tissue specificity algorithm
getControlsGet a set of genes that can be used to differentiate between...
getDistGet tissue specific distribution
getMartGet ensembl annotations
getTissueGet expression and specificity of each gene in a single...
heartExample heart tissue output of getTissue()
log2ExpExample log normalised data set output of log2Trans()
log2TranLog Transforms a data frame
meanExpExample input data set
plotCorrPlot correlation between expression and specificity
plotDensityPlot tissue specificity distribution
plotDistPlot number of tissue specific genes per tissue
plotGenePlot specificity of a user defined gene for each tissue
plotTopPlot a set of highly specific, highly expressed genes in for...
qnExpExample quantile normalised data set output of quantNorm()
quantNormQuantile normalise a data frame
tauAnnoExample ensembl annotation of data set output of getMart()
tauExpExample tau + expression fraction output of calcTau()
wholebrainExample wholebrain tissue output of GetTissue()
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