Man pages for rscherrer/bop

bootstrap_errorBootstrap the standard deviation of the mean
check_pephyloView PEPHYLO input files
combine_pulsr_resultsCombine output files
dematlabilize_dataExport Matlab output
estimate_errorEstimate error on the means
estimate_spextEsimate speciation and extinction
fit_pulsrFit repeated pulsR
is_matching_namesView PEPHYLO input files
make_mean_pephyloWrite PEPHYLO input mean traits
make_prior_pephyloAnagenetic and cladogenetic rate priors for PEPHYLO
make_spext_pephyloPEPHYLO speciation and extinction rate priors
make_spname_pephyloWrite species names for PEPHYLO
make_std_pephyloWrite PEPHYLO standard deviation input
pca_perpatchProject bird species in patch PC space
pca_wholebirdProject bird species in PC space
project_individualsProject individuals into PC space
rearrange_by_patchRearrange with patches in columns
rearrange_indiv_by_patchRearrange individuals with patches in columns
remove_bad_patchesRemove patches with NAs
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