Man pages for rstudio/rsconnect
Deployment Interface for R Markdown Documents and Shiny Applications

accountsAccount Management Functions
accountUsageShow Account Usage
addAuthorizedUserAdd authorized user to application
addLinterAdd a Linter
appDependenciesDetect Application Dependencies
applicationsList Deployed Applications
authorizedUsers(Deprecated) List authorized users for an application
configureAppConfigure an Application
connectUserConnect User Account
deployAPIDeploy a Plumber API
deployAppDeploy an Application
deployDocDeploy a Document
deploymentsList Application Deployments
deploySiteDeploy a Website
deployTFModelDeploy a TensorFlow saved model
forgetDeploymentForget Application Deployment
generateAppNameGenerate Application Name
lintLint a Project
linterCreate a Linter
listBundleFilesList Files to be Bundled
makeLinterMessageConstruct a Linter Message
optionsPackage Options
removeAuthorizedUserRemove authorized user from an application
restartAppRestart an Application
rpubsUploadUpload a file to RPubs
rsconnect-packageDeployment Interface for R Markdown Documents and Shiny...
rsconnectPackagesUsing Packages with rsconnect
serversServer Management Functions
setAccountInfoSet ShinyApps Account Info
setPropertySet Application property
showInvitedList invited users for an application
showLogsShow Application Logs
showMetricsShow Application Metrics
showPropertiesShow Application property
showUsageShow Application Usage
showUsersList authorized users for an application
taskLogShow task log
tasksList Tasks
terminateAppTerminate an Application
unsetPropertyUnset Application property
writeManifestCreate a manifest.json describing deployment requirements.
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