Man pages for s1437643/damR
Analysis, interpretation, and visualization of DamID-seq data

annotatePeaksAnnotate Regions in the Genome
callPeaksCall peaks from DamID-seq data
centerMotifCenter regions by motif
computeInputCompute Methylation for Input
DaimDaim Package
daimTreatEmpirical Bayes Statistics For Differential Expression
digestGenomeRestriction digest of genome
filterBySizeFilter Ranges By Size
fragmentCountsCount reads in restriction fragments
genomeInfoGenome Information Table
normalizeBiasNormalize restriction fragment biases
plotComplexityPlot restriction fragment complexity
plotCorrelationPlot correlation between two samples
plotCoverageCumulative distribution of sequencing coverage
plotDensityPlot Abundance Densities
plotEnrichmentDistribution of reads along the genome
plotMABrand-Altman plot
plotMDSMultidimensional Scaling
plotPCAPrincipal Components Analysis
rollAssaySummarize counts from neighbouring ranges
searchMotifKnown motif search
writeAssayWrite assay to a bigWig file
writeBroadWrite a GRanges object as a broadPeak file
writeRatioWrite ratio to a bigWig file
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